Recruitment for english teachers

english school for kids teacher recruitenglish school for kids teacher recruit

In Cuore English Kids, we are looking for english lecturers who will teach English to children brightly and fun. We have children from 2 to 12 in our class. The teacher who can speak even a little Japanese takes priority. It does not matter whether you have experienced teaching children so far or not. If you like kids and like teaching English please do come and see us.

Location MAP
Job Description teach English to children
Work Type part time
Salary 1,000yen/Hour
Working Days Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday
※It is also possible to work for several hours.
Transportation expenses Transportation expenses will be paid up to 1,000 yen of the cost took round trip(train,bus).

Transportation expenses will not be paid within 1km radius from our school.

Job interview application

Within 3 business days, we will inform you of the job interview schedule by email or phone.

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〒230-0041 神奈川県横浜市鶴見区潮田町4-156-1 潮田マンション 1F 045-642-6158